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Gary Neville is right about European Super League as Farhad Moshiri shows Everton class


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Farhad Moshiri knows he will not get overnight success at Everton and he is here for the long-run.

Yes, he wants a return on his money, but he has shown a lot of class in going about it the right way, helping realise the new stadium dream at Bramley-Moore Dock and investing into the playing and management staff.

So if the target of a competitive Champions League is taken away from Everton with plans for a breakaway Super League, he will be massively disappointed.

But Gary Neville has already said it: kick those clubs who sign-up out of the league.

That would then give Everton the chance to do well in the Premier League.

It is still a great competition and if teams want to move into the Super League, I don’t think they should be around to remain in their league domestically.

What do you make of the European Super League plans? Let us know in the comment section.

Because remember, these are teams that have cried and cried about injuries and scheduling while being in Europe this season.

And those managers and those clubs have moaned and moaned.

But they’re happy to sign a contract with a new, long-format tournament?

When the going got tough they found excuse after excuse and now they want to join the Super League?

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It does not make sense and goes against everything these teams have said.

But we all know why. Because it makes more money for themselves.

It is laughable. They are showing they have no class.

These owners are so out of touch.

European Super League Greed

When the news broke of a European Super League on Sunday evening, I thought, ‘Surely this can’t be true?’.

Even moving forward in the future, this should never happen. Why would you want a closed competition?

What I don’t really understand is how some of these clubs have been chosen. Look at our top six. Arsenal and Manchester City have never won the Champions League. What about Ajax who have won it four times?

What about Bayern Munich? They’ve shown their class, turning down the invite. That shows they are a big club. It’s not just about wealth, it’s about community and your local fan-base.

The Super League is all about greed.

Arsenal are struggling to finish in the top-half of the Premier League and want to join? It’s laughable. They are going to get smashed every week. They think they’re a big club – there are bigger clubs not signing up to this!

But Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, they are all in debt. Billions and billions of pounds worth of debt, and they have come up with this idea to get them out of this mire.

But that doesn’t help anybody in football.

It’s total greed, and it shows how disconnected owners are to their supporters.

It doesn’t help anybody else, but they’ve made their bed now and signed up for it and I really like the response from FIFA and UEFA.

Ban them from their competitions and ban players from international tournaments. Big players at big clubs will not like that.

They want to win the World Cup for their country.


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