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Premier League ‘Big Six’ fans offered European Super League solution… by Grimsby


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Grimsby Town have offered fans of the Premier League clubs planning the European Super League the chance to trade in their shirt for a Mariners one.

The ‘shirt amnesty’ is open to holders of any Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham or Chelsea shirts that are less than three seasons old.

In return the club are offering a replica 2020-21 Grimsby shirt, with the unwanted Premier League kits to be donated to local youth groups and humanitarian projects in Africa.

“In light of recent events surrounding the introduction of the European Super League, Grimsby Town Football Club will be running a shirt amnesty for those who hold shirts for the English clubs involved,” a statement on the club website read.

Video: European Super League: ‘It’s about greed and money – the football fans don’t matter’ | Analysis (The Telegraph)

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“Without fans, football and Grimsby Town Football Club are nothing.

“We would like to thank you for the fantastic support you have provided us this season and we cannot wait to welcome you back to Blundell Park as soon as possible.”

Additional reporting by PA.


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