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‘Rich getting richer’ – Bristol City figure has his say as Super League talk dominates football


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a man wearing a suit and tie: Nigel Pearson

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Nigel Pearson

Bristol City boss Nigel Pearson has voiced his disappointment with the six Premier League clubs who want to break away to play in the Super League.

It was reported last night that 12 clubs from England, Italy and Spain had formed a new league, something which would have huge implications on English football.

Firstly, they would be kicked out of the Premier League if it did happen, which would then have a big impact on the finances in the game.

As well as that, the general greed of these clubs has angered football supporters, and Pearson echoed those thoughts when quizzed on the matter by Bristol Live.

Without knowing the full details, my first view is that it’s not something I’m particularly supportive of. Football’s going through a really difficult period where for many clubs to just stay afloat is quite a difficult proposition at the moment.

To go further down the elitist route I don’t think is in the best interests of the game. Certainly in this nation but in a European sense as well. I suppose it’s another example of the rich getting richer.”

Further meetings and talks are planned in the coming days as clubs wait for further developments.

The verdict

It’s good to see a manager give his honest opinion on the matter, and the vast majority of football fans will share the view that Pearson has.

The news has understandably angered people because, as he says, it’s an example of the rich getting richer, but it will have a major impact on football across the continent if it does happen.

So, this is a story that’s going to run and run, and hopefully more figures come out and condemn this ridiculous idea.

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