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Arsenal fan launches shock defence of European Super League


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An Arsenal fan has defended the creation of the European Super League, despite the backlash that the controversial proposal has received.

Mikel Arteta looking at the camera: Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta on the touchline

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta on the touchline

What did he say?

Speaking after the Gunners were held to a 1-1 draw by Fulham on Sunday, the Arsenal supporter was asked for his view on the European Super League.

He responded on The Football Terrace by saying: “I’ll be honest with you, I don’t care. Because, I just like watching my team play, and I miss watching my team play. And if we can play Barcelona on a Wednesday night instead of Slavia Prague, then I’m all for it.”

“I know people say: ‘what about the fans, what about the game? The game’s gone.’ The game went years ago. The game’s been gone for an eternity. And the hypocrisy from people like Gary Neville going on national TV and calling Arsenal a shambles of a club, as well as ridiculing this whole thing, months after commentating on a £14.95 game with Burnley and whoever it was. I don’t know if he commentated, but anyway, you know my point. It’s hypocrisy.

“If it affects out inclusion in the Premier League then I’m whole-heartedly against it. But I don’t believe the clubs would have agreed to this unless they thought they can remain in their league.”

Does he have a point?

In saying that he would prefer to watch his side play Barcelona rather than Slavia Prague, that opinion is probably shared by a high percentage of the Gunners faithful.

He may also have a point when it comes to his opinion on Gary Neville, who has never been particularly popular with Arsenal supporters.

However, with regards to the European Super League, the question is: should Arsenal have a divine right to face the best that Europe has to offer every year?

In the past, Arsenal have earned their place amongst the elite, and have deserved to test themselves against the best. They were regulars in the Champions League under Arsene Wenger. But this season they have slipped down the table, and are currently sat in ninth place.

This weekend, they only grabbed a point against Scott Parker’s side thanks to a last-minute equaliser, and less than two weeks ago they were struggling to a home draw with Slavia in the Europa League.

Now they want to face the likes of Barcelona every year without the threat of relegation. That is hard to justify.

His point about still wanting to play in the Premier League does not wash either. That would be a classic case of having your cake and eating it. Why should Arsenal be allowed to compete in the European Super League and gain huge financial rewards from it, and then come back to the Premier League on the weekend?

If this were allowed to happen, it would only increase the gap between the ‘big six’ and the rest of the league, which is wide enough as it is.


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